In an emergency please call 911



Spring River stands ready to help in and an all 911 emergency services to ensure individuals receive proper care when seconds count. Our bases are strategically placed to ensure our response time is prompt and we are able to assist as quickly as possible. 

Non Emergency


When there are trying times in you family and you need an ambulance to take you to a hospital please call us. We will do our best to assist you however we can. Wether you need some help getting into a vehicle or  you are a dialysis patient needing transport back and forth we are here to assist.



SRPAS extends a helping hand in sporting events, festivals, ceremonies, parades, gatherings, public relations and promotional events. We are always here to help when you need us and if you require an ambulance to be on standby at your event please call our office to arrange our services to be there.

For more information, please call 870-994-0790